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Print Pod™

Print Pod™

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Meet the Print Pod™, the world's most convenient and efficient portable printer. This little device allows you to print anywhere, anytime without having to deal with messy ink or bulky equipment, effectively cutting your printing time and effort in half! Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional printing methods.

*Package comes with 1x Print Pod™, 1x Charging Cable, 1x User Manual, and BPA-Free Rolls of Adhesive Printing Paper (3.5m length each)

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Print Anytime, Anywhere.

Regardless of your role, our mini printer will be an essential tool for expressing your ideas. Whether you're a student looking to condense important lecture notes, a professional in need of a quick meeting memo, a parent wanting to create fun educational stickers for your kids, or an artist seeking to capture a sudden burst of creativity, our Print Pod™ is always available to assist you. With adhesive backing on every printout, you can easily stick your ideas anywhere, anytime.

Print, Peel, and Stick Your Ideas

Have you ever had an idea strike when you least expected it? With Print Pod™, you can instantly capture, print, and stick your thoughts wherever you want! This compact yet powerful gadget fits right in your pocket, bringing a new level of convenience to your daily life.

Inkless Technology

Our inkless printer ensures you'll never have to worry about messy ink cartridges or pricey refills again. It utilizes innovative technology to deliver crisp, clear prints every time. And the best part? Each printout comes with an adhesive backing, transforming your notes, sketches, and reminders into stickers that you can put just about anywhere.

Your Ideas Made Tangible

Perfect for students capturing lecture insights, professionals drafting ideas, parents making educational resources, and artists sticking creativity on various surfaces. This versatile pocket printer caters to everyone's needs. Regardless of your role, you'll find our mini printer a vital tool for expressing your ideas.

Print with a Tap

Thanks to our App (Available on IOS and Android), the Print Pod™ connects effortlessly with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Now, printing is as simple as a tap on your screen. Whether you're at a coffee shop, library, office, or even outdoors, the world is your printing station.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your paper contain BPA?

No, our paper is completely BPA-free. We prioritize your health and safety, and our paper rolls are free from harmful chemicals, including BPA.

How does the inkless technology work?

The Print Pod™ uses thermal technology to create prints. This means it generates images by selectively heating coated thermochromic paper.

What kind of paper does the Print Pod™ use?

Our printer uses a special heat-sensitive paper with an adhesive backing, allowing you to stick your prints anywhere. You can bundle them with your order.

Is the printer compatible with my device?

Thanks to our app that is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It can connect with any device that has Bluetooth.

How long does the battery last?

The printer's battery life can vary depending on usage, but typically, it lasts for hundreds of prints on a single charge.

Can I print in color?

Currently, the Print Pod™ only supports monochrome printing due to its thermal technology.

Is the Print Pod™ Rechargeable?

Yes, it is! The Print Pod™ comes with a USB Charger, so you wont need to keep on buying batteries!

How long is each Pod Roll™

Each Pod Roll™ is 11.48 feet (3.5 meters) in length.

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